Specialized FRESH

"Any shipments that requires temperature-controlled ULD"

" The ideal way to ensure that the cold chain is not broken, by using air cargo containers with temperature control solution. "

  • * a special container (eg Envirotainer) is used to keep the products cold or frozen without interrupting the cold chain during the shipping.
  • * Shipments can be collected 3 hours after arrival (local restrictions  may apply).
  • * Perishables products are protected by thermal blankets for ground transportation or temperature control ULD'S isothermal, in addition to access to refrigerated facilities.
  • * High priority during handling on the ramp. Temperature measurement at the time of reception of the load, delivery and when it´s requested.
  • * Shipments can be collected  three hours after the arrival (local restrictions may apply)
  • * Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo has appropriate equipment and facilities in land, allowing us to ensure the freshness of the  transported products and careful handling of fragile loads.