"We deal with the details"
"Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo Customized created to offer a fully personalized mailings through a tripartite agreement between the carrier, the freight forwarder and SkyTeam Cargo. Customized provides personalized information and handling guidelines specifically designed according to the load you are going to send " .

Main characteristics

  • * A specific contract for a fixed period between the conveyor is made, the bulking agent and member of the alliance
  • * Privileged access to the capacity on the chosen flight
  • * Priority load
  • * fixed for the contract rates.
  • * Special control through a computerized tracking system, which alerts the customer service if an irregularity occurs
  • * Recognition: individual customers receive personalized information
  • * Customization: handling guidelines designed according to customer needs
  • * Tracking shipments online with any member of the SkyTeam Cargo alliance.