"Not a minute to lose"

"Express is the solution Aerolineas Argentinas fee for express shipments. With Express, take off your urgent shipments rapidly, almost 800 destinations in 150 countries. "

Main characteristics

  • * Shipping express from airport to airport
  • * Load Priority: Addressing on the first available flight
  • * Documents and shipment ready within 90 minutes (See *) after arrival (subject to local restrictions)
  • * all goods (See **) is practically accepted
  • * Online shipment tracking available on the tracking section (Tracking)
  • * Money Back Guarantee (see ***).

* Delivery time can vary from station to station.

** With the exception of Dangerous Goods, Class 1 explosives, RAM Class 7,

Corrosives Class 8, hatching eggs, live animals, sickening burden,

human remains, valuable cargo and perishable cargo.

*** On certain routes and tracks, valuable cargo and perishable cargo.