According to Article 13 of Law 24633, and in order to obtain the respective authorization, any export "application" of works of art must fulfill the following formalities:


A) Be submitted to the VISUAL ARTS DIRECTORATE dependent of the SEC. CULTURE of the President's Office , stating:


I. Name, surname, national identity number, address and phone number of the exporter


II. Description, measurement or data in order to identify the works to export.


III. First name, last name, author's background evidencing authorship of the work.


IV. Cause and export destination.


V. Price or value of the exported work.


VI.  two (2) photographs of each work must be attached. .


B) once the application is received, the VISUAL ARTS DIRECTORATE issue the appropriate license within a period not exceeding ten (10) working days after its submission.


* The license obtained, it shall be submitted to the National Customs Administration , as a prerequisite for export.

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* To send pictures, you must put it in a wooden box.

* Information valid for shipments from Argentina.