The instruction describes the procedure for accepting lithium battery, as defined, and restrictions established by Aerolineas Group.


There are two types of lithium batteries:

* Lithium ion batteries  (including lithium ion polymer batteries):

This term encompasses the batteries, lithium ion rechargeable frequently.
They are generally used for the operation of portable electronic devices (cell phones, personal computers, video cameras, cameras, electronic games, etc)
Risk is measured by its capacity Energy, established in  watt hours (Wh) , a parameter that is displayed in each cell or battery.

Note: If the battery shows the energy values ​​in Ah (Ampere / hour) and V (volts), you should multiply both values ​​and Wh is obtained [Ah x V = Wh], if it is expressed in mAh (milliamp / hour), the end result is divided by 1,000 [(mAh x V) / 1000 = Wh] 

* Lithium metal batteries: totally prohibited for  carriage as cargo on passenger aircraft



The Aerolineas Group established that can only be accepted Lithium Ion batteries with the following exception acceptance limits. * The  small Lithium Ion Batteries  must not exceed  20 Wh  of energy charge. * The  Lithium ion batteries  can not exceed  100 Wh  power load.



Lithium ion batteries, for release, can be in two features.

* Boarding cells or batteries packed with equipment, it means no battery or batteries installed in the computer, with this in the same packaging.
(example: pack selling a mobile phone).

* Boarding cells or batteries contained in equipment, ie installed on the computer.

* Boarding cells or batteries only

(ONU 3480 - Lithium ion batteries - PACKING INST 965 -. SECTION II)

Totally prohibited for carriage as cargo on passenger aircraft.



The shipper must define what is the condition of your shipment, for it has the following forms to comply with such a requirement



Download:  Declaration of lithium battery shipment


* This statement is provided by the Grupo Aerolineas at the request of the sender. * In this document, the Shipper will indicate by marking an "X" , what is the status of your shipment; thus indicating the UN number of the goods, the relevant packing instruction and applied section and type of item you intend to transport. * You must enter a phone number of attention to any request for information during transport. * The mentioned document must be dated and signed by the sender or his agent.

MSDS - Material Safety - Technical Data Sheet or business Note:
* The sender may alternatively submit the Declaration for shipments of lithium batteries, an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), technical data or business note properly signed by a responsible of the shipping .Those writings must contain the required data mentioned in the Declaration, to the correct classification of lithium batteries transported (UN number - packing instructions - Section applicable).

Packaging, marking and labeling

Terms of Packing:
* The packaging of these goods require that they fit the CPU Condition (capacity, weight and Use) applicable to the outer packaging, as well as the overpacks. * cells or batteries will be of a type that fulfill the requirements established for each test in the Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, subsection 38.3 of the United Nations.

* The packaging may not contain waste batteries or lithium batteries and can not contain cells or batteries that have been recalled and / or defective.

* cells or batteries must be protected to prevent short circuits, as well as protection be included against contact with conductive materials within the same packaging that could cause short circuits.

* In packaging containing equipment, they have to be well fastened to avoid movement inside the outer packaging and packaged in a way to avoid an accidental activation of the device during the transportation.

Marking and labeling
* Packages must be marked as pointed by the Rules. They must also be labeled according to the characteristics of the shipment.

* For shipments to apply Section II of Packing Instruction 965-967, must show the label handling of lithium batteries.

* Exception: Packages with batteries or batteries contained in equipment with lower or equal to 4 number (four) batteries or two (2) batteries per package label does not require handling of lithium batteries.


The marks and labels inside packages must be reproduced on the outside of the overpack and shall also be marked with the word "OVERPACK" if the marks and labels inside packages are not visible.

* In case of using more than one overpack, these must have an identification mark, in order to be able to recognize those who are part of the shipment. Such information shall appear on the Air Waybill.



Before sending 1 ( one) portable electronic equipment (new or used), provided with lithium batteries, proceed as follows: 


A) The commercial freight forwarder, evaluate the type of battery (Lithium Ion or Lithium Metal), noting that the small batteries or batteries conform to the permitted parameters. Remember that is forbidden the transport of lithium metal batteries as cargo.


B) for deliveries of new equipment , with battery installed in a comprehensive manner, making it impossible to remove the battery (eg a tablet or an i phone) or battery packed with equipment; in both cases it must be accepted that the packaging of which has never been opened or that the terms of the original sale are kept. Always verify that the equipment is completely off; Then check that the packaging fulfills the general packaging conditions for shipment.  


C) for deliveries of equipment in use with battery installed integrally (eg Tablet, iPhone, etc), making it impossible to remove the battery, you should check that the power is off, in order to avoid incidental operation. On computers with removable battery, you must remove the same, protect against short circuits, being transported with the device. Check the packaging complies with the general packaging for shipment.


D) required for filing the lithium battery shipments, or an alternative document replacement


Packaging, marking and labeling

* The packaging must fulfill the general packaging (item 4.5 item A)

* The package must be marked as "Equioment with Lithium, excepted."

* NO requires handling lithium batteries label.

* Indicate a telephone number contact for any information about the shipment during the transportation (The same must be included in any field of the air waybill)

* The package may not exceed 5 (five) kilos net.