Unaccompanied baggage

"Transport of personal goods and / or removals"


* In order to qualify, a passenger must have resided in Argentina for the complete year before moving abroad.


* Copy authenticated by a notary public or consular authority of all the pages of the passport, even those that are blank. Passport must have at least one year of issuance, otherwise, previous passport must also be authenticated.

* Certificate issued by the consulate of the country of destination, where it is noted that the applicant has obtained a residence permit (not required if the visa is stamped in the passport).

* Copy authenticated by a notary public or consular authority of the airline ticket that the applicant will use to travel to destination.

* Foreigners with permanent resident visa must also submit: authenticated photocopy of the DNI (National Identity Card) and copy of consular certificate for submission issued by the consulate of their country of origin.

* All cargo/shipments, including unaccompanied baggage, must be handled through a freight forwarder (Valid for shipments from USA to Argentina)



* Liquids, Tobacco, food, plants, artworks and dangerous goods.

* Under existing law, baggage/cargo presumed to be exported for commercial/industrial purposes is prohibited by the national Customs administration.


* Luggage, Bags, Trunks, Crates, or boxes must provide adequate security/safety.

* When shipping forniture, cargo must be prepared for shipping by using adequate crates/cardboard boxes, paper and duct tape.

* Information valid for shipments from Argentina.